Costa Rica: Day 18 and 19

I’m getting behind on my entries. The days are also starting to get boring and repetitive except for the weekend that’s why I’m combining two days together. On the 18th Nothing happened except me going to class but I was extremely tired from the day before. However I started attending yoga again. A little intense for my taste but I needed to get back in the swing of exercising since I had been eating and drinking the entire weekend. I also went to dance class since I was inspired from this weekend. And I’m glad I went because I do dance better now.

On the 19th: Normal class….Oh! I forgot to mention on Monday. I walked to a new mall and purchased a calling card. Some friends were exchanging money and Tomas was singing “A Whole New World” in the middle of the mall. It was theatrical. But anyway….Normal classes and then after we went to a club called Nova. It was good. They played Reggaeton music. But that was the last of my partying for the week. Oh! I was reminded to mention how good this cake was that I had on my birthday. It was moist and not like any other chocolate cake. It had cherry and carmel filling and chocolate icing. Yumm!

- The Natural Travelista
Javonni McGlaurin