Weekend in Nicaragua: Part 1

So I’m in Nicaragua. This weekend is kinda chill. Its a optional excursion so not everyone had to go. I’m already liking the small group atmosphere. Last night we walked around at night with a friend. I enjoyed it.  I was a little freaked out because I didn’t know the country but it all went well. This country is one of the only Latin American countries to maintain its indigenous traditions. The city seems older in architecture and the people had more indigenous features. Today we did alot of touring and another canopy zipline tour. I didn’t participate this time due to problems with my stomach. However it looked more fun this time. The group did three lines over a lake this time! The workers were flipping them and turning them upside down. I wish I would have did it under other circumstances.

Then we went to see another Volcano. I was happy this time because unlike the other weekends. It was clear and I could get a good picture of the crater and we were advised to only stay near it for 20 minutes because of the gases and we were so close. Before the volcano we went to a mall and it was nice to see a actuall mall and I was able to get different currency because Nicaragua uses Cordobas. So at this point in time I have Colones, Cordobas and US dollars all at one time! Lol. The next stop for the day was a shopping plaza. It had all handmade products for Nicaragua. A great place to get my gifts. When we were walking around little boys were walking up to us giving us flowers and things made out of straw from the palm trees. At first I kept saying ‘No Gracias” because I didn’t want to pay but one little boy was very presistent so Rebe gave him change and he gave me and her both one.

It seemed as if there were a lot of scams going on but I still enjoyed it. In about 30 minutes we are going to dinner. More later.

Hasta Luego

- The Natural Travelista
Javonni McGlaurin