May I Have Salsa with that Birthday Cake?

Sorry i know i’m late….
So today I got up a wore a cute dress to class a cute dress. I enjoyed all the birthday wishes. Class was going normal then the teacher told me and another girl that after our break we were to go do research about the waterfalls we visited. I thought it was strange that we were doing work unrelated to what we were doing in class but I went to the computer area and did the assignment. When me and the other student go back upstairs we see that the class is set up for a party and my teacher tricked me to stall for the party. Once again I had no idea. It turned out that the other girl in the class and myself were having a joint bday party with food and everything. My 2nd suprise party in 24 hours. A great start to my day.

During my gap between classes. I went out to eat with friends and as a gift they gave me a free chocolate cake. MMMMM! I’ll make sure to update a pic. Then I had my international buisness class…BORING! However, that night I went salsa dancing! I had soooooo much fun watching the National Salsa Orchestra “Mandera Nueva”  I even danced a while with some Ticos. Another good birthday celebration.

- The Natural Travelista
Javonni McGlaurin