Costa Rica: Day 11

Its harder to complete group projects in a different country because unlike at my university back home everything here is inconvenient  At my university groups can meet up at school or off campus. Here the library closes early and even still the locals don’t want us to walk alone. So there is no way to get back to your house unless they live with you and when the internet doesn’t work you can’t communicate via social networks.

To get my mind off the stressful morning I went to the library and did majority of my homework and I was finally able to upload my pictures. I felt a sigh of release after that and I went home to take a long needed nap. After a couple of hours I got up to eat before I went to this CRASH party. But for some reason my professor didn’t know about it. So we still had class for about 1 hour and then we were released to the party. It was cool and then some carribean dancers and drums came to dance for us dressed in costume and everything like a carnival and to top off the night I was able to use the internet comforatbly with out my roomie being in her room and apparently some friends that live close has internet that shows up in my room so lets keep fingurers crossed that I'm able to use that.

- The Natural Travelista