Costa Rica: Day 5

My day is ending just the way it started….somber and quiet. I don’t know why but my day began with my body being so tired and not wanting to wake up but I did and all day today I have been fighting fatigue. I woke up and I tried so hard to get the cold shower to wake me up, but with little luck, then I thought breakfast would wake me up and I would have 2 cups of coffee but today the food wasn’t heavy enough to hold me until lunch. The coffee lasted midway through class. In class I was alert but I thought the break was never going to arrive. I think my professor somehow slowed down time but we had a good conversation before class started. She saw me writing in my Barack Obama journal with a prayer on the front. It was a journal my granny gave it to me. My professor told me how to say prayers in Spanish and actually gave me a verse to look up, however, it was in Spanish and I didn't know books of the bible in Spanish yet. I’m not that good yet. It’s salmo 121:5. An educated guess is telling me this means Psalms :-) I was released from class a little early and I was extremely happy because I was the first to get in line for an empanada.

*Sidenote: I don’t know what the school or program was thinking but buying lunch everyday can get expensive*
Today we sat outside and pulled our table in the sun because it was a warm day. I had on my tank and sunglasses. The next and final class was at 1pm. It was International relations. As I was walking toward toward the open door I was telling the people inside, lets see if there’s a teacher here being sarcastic, not knowing the teacher was on the other side of the wall. When I saw him I just sat down and shut up but I don’t think he heard me. The class is interesting. I wanna write about what we learned in class but my pen and my eyes will only let me write so much. I’ll save all that for the blog. But I can tell this class is going to be at a bad time because its right after lunch and I was falling asleep when he started reading from the PowerPoint. It would be different if I was taking notes but the man was changing the slides before anyone could finish writing. I had to force myself to go to the bathroom and gather my thoughts. When I came back I was refreshed and made it to the end of class without sleeping again. After class, I got ready to go to Mall San Pedro.
*side note: all odds are against me because I still can’t use the internet in the house. I try to use skype but the signal is so low. It cuts off and I don’t get to lay down in the comforts of my own room or bed. I feel like a guest in my roomies room and she’s probably just waiting to kick me out.*
Today I went to Mall San Pedro. Before I went I asked if it was walking distance. Rebe said it was 1 mile away but wasn’t walking distance. I told her that was not bad and it was 9 of us going. I was glad it was with a group and someone knew where they were going because I did not want to get lost.

This trip made me realize Costa Rica is nothing but hills. This walk really worked my legs and we saw so much. The mall was very fun. It had 3 floors and I bought some yoga pants. I had yoga later that night. And I tried some ice cream, the flavor was Pasion Queque. The women that were in the yoga store were very nice and helpful. They were helping me w/ my Spanish and they told me my Spanish was good. I spent so much time in this store causing me to lose track of time. I was late meeting up with the rest of my group. I got nervous before thinking they might leave me but they didn’t and we found our way home with no problem.

I arrived at school just in time to change into my clothes and go to my first ever yoga session. The time in between changing and yoga I skyped my mom and granny. I never heard them sound so happy to talk to me like it was a celebrity that called. My granny sounded so cute. Also it sounded like she was gonna cry but they are keeping me going because I knew there was going to come a point in this trip where I will want to be alone and not be bothered.
So after that I went to yoga and the teacher was a man and the man spoke little English. I didn’t expect that but I should have. My thinking was that yoga is suppose to be relaxing and stress-free and speaking Spanish to me does not achieve that goal. I was the only person in the class that hadn’t taken yoga before beside this other girl in the back of the class but to make matters worse I was sitting right in front of the instructor.
And I don’t know why I thought yoga was pain free. It pretty much was a workout but with calm music and calm voices. I realized I am NOT flexible. My favorite part though was at the end when he turned off the lights and we layed on the flloor. That made me so relaxed. After I left my body was a combination of relaxed and weak. I could barely lift my bag and when I got home I just wanted to get under my covers and sleep til my birthday (11 days!) but I couldn’t do that because I had homework. I was so tired my brain wasn’t functioning right. It was painful to do this little assignment that took a hour to do but I got it done and then packed for monteverde and went to sleep.

- The Natural Travelista
Javonni McGlaurin