Costa Rica: Day 1

Here are all my random thoughts during my departure day to Costa Rica.


Wow, such a rough flight, 4 hour layover turned into a 6 hour layover. 
I couldn’t sleep well on the plane
I’m so tired.
Its midnight and I just got to my house. 
My host mother is older but very sweet. She doesn’t speak ANY English and my room has no door!
Apparently, McDonalds delivers and prostitution is legal
My home is a nice ways away from campus.  I don't know how I am going to survive for 4 months!!!
I’m nervous
Internet is not working *sad face* I have been feeling like crying all day. 
I stink and I need to sleep. 
My roommate and I will be very close. 
A guy sitting beside me on the plane made me feel better about my trip. He’s from Nicaragua but studies medicine in San Jose and lives in New Mexico.

- The Natural Travelista