Trip Advisor Review: Bed Station Hostel


If you haven't done so already, read my Southeast Asia Itinerary. It explains my full trip to Thailand and Cambodia. In Bangkok, we stayed at the Bed Station Hostel. This is one of the best hostels I have stayed in hands down. 

They offer various accommodations. Private bed for two up to 8 beds with mixed gender.
8 Mixed: 450 Baht/ night 500 Baht/ night (weekend)
6 Mixed: 550 baht/ night
6 Female: 550 baht/ night
4 Mixed: 600 Baht/ night
Private Bed: 1,350 Baht/ night
Private with ensuite: 1,550 Baht/ night  There are no rooms on ground floor but there is a small elevator. All rooms have A/C and can get chilly at night but blankets are provided. All beds are equipped with a draw curtain which provides a sense of privacy and lockers. The lockers are big enough to hold all your travel items and a backpack if it is empty. Staff are also wonderful. They can answer any questions you may have and may even go out to party with you. We were in and out of Bed Station on three separate occasions and it was never an issue to send them an email letting them know when I was arriving and what accommodations I needed.


Key Card- assigned to every person required for entry into the building and room. 
Wifi- in lobby and on every floor
Restrooms- shared per floor. All showers on one floor
Computers- with Internet connection and printing capabilities (not free)
Games, books, guides, and maps for those exploring the city 
Breakfast- free comtential breakfast with snacks and tea available throughout the day. 



Bed Station is a prime location. Massage Parlor, 7-11, Bank and BTS metro system are all in walking distance. Once you get on the BTS, you can travel all around the city. The bank let's you withdraw money and exchange currency as long as you have your passport.  Between the breakfast, snacks, computers and convenience of travel Bed Station Hostel was the perfect place to stay in Bangkok. No complaints here. Here is the website in case Bangkok is on your travel list.  BED STATION HOSTEL
- The Natural Travelista