My Misconceptions of the Grand Canyon

Never did I imagine myself at the Grand Canyon but I'm glad I made it. My perception of this national park was skewd but now my eyes are open. First, let me say that this isn't called the Grand Canyon for nothing. It is ENORMOUS. It isn't just a round crack in the earth, it is years of erosion that can encompass a few small towns. Many layers, many corners, and many colors. The entire canyon cannot be seen from one spot.

 Another misconception that I had was that it was dry dessert land around but in the picture below there is clearly water and you can actually tour the canyon via a raft tour.  

For future reference, if you visit in May it will not be as hot as you think. When I was there I had on layers: Jean pants, tank top, light sweater, and jean vest.

Lastly, I was shocked at how much peace and quiet this location provided. At certain stops where there are few tourist you could hear only the wind whispering.