Things You Missed Because You Flew to Vegas

Drive or Flly? Drive or fly to Las Vegas? It seems like an easy answer but for Ms. OnStar that decision wasn't see easy to make. She has always had a desire to drive cross-country and this was her chance so she took it. We packed up a town and country for our longest family vacation yet. Two ice coolers, one for food and the other for drinks. Mason jars filled with sliced fruits prepared by Hattie Mae and many bags full of goodies, snacks and candy. Even though our vacation was eight days, four of those days were designated for travel (2 days going and 2 returning). However those days were not spent idling in a moving vehicle. There were a lot of sites along the way and we stopped to experience it all. Here are the things you missed because you flew to Vegas.

Monroe School in Topeka, Kansas

Black Dragon Canyon in Utah

State Capital in Denver, Colorado 

Cadillac Ranch in Texas

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