Rediscovering St. Louis

Most travel bloggers write about their experiences exploring exotic islands and experimenting with foreign delicacies. Rarely do travel enthusiast write about coming home. However, I think every traveller has a certain feeling when they return home after being away for an extended period of time. A hometown is viewed through a different lens, that of a tourist. 

Since flying the coop for college, this is the longest I have stayed in my hometown. I returned home to spend as much time as possible with friends and family before embarking on a journey that will take me farther that I have ever traveled. With that being said, I am viewing my city with the eyes of a tourist.

With city of Saint Louis celebrating the 250 year milestone,I have explored the "STL" more than I ever have. The city of St. Louis has a city wide public art exhibit displaying birthday cakes at 250 notable landmarks. I no longer drive from point A to point B focused on the road. Instead, these cakes make me look out of my window, pay attention to these incredible places, and actually bring me back to the locations.

Now I take pictures beside the cakes and here are the ones I have made it to so far. I will add more pictures as I visit more locations.

"Nothing beats being a tourist in your own city."




The Natural Travelista