VIDEO: Chicago in Less than 24 hours

My family is known for quick road trips and last month reignited that tradition. Here's the timeline, drive up Saturday morning and return Sunday evening. We were literally in and out of the city of Chicago in less than 24 hours. Even though the windy city isn't too far from my hometown I don't get to visit that often so I still get a sense of excitement when I travel there. With so little time in Chi-town I still managed to create some great memories. Here are a few:
1. Three-strand twist out
For the first time I tried three strand twistout. The pattern to make the twists always seemed difficult but I gave it a try. When we started our trip, I was driving so I kept my hair in the twists until we were almost in the city then I took down the twists in the backseat. This video sums up the process. The only tools I had were my hands and some coconut oil.

2. Meeting a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer 
One of the most helpful things preparing me for the Peace Corps and the Philippines are all the Facebook groups that have allowed me to talk to returned volunteers and meet some of them in person. One volunteer in particular I really connected with she served in the Philippines as well and she had a lot of great advice for me. We talked on the phone and discovered that we would be in Chicago at the same time so we scheduled a time to meet and further our discussion. The one great thing about this meeting was that her mother came as well so my mom was able to sit down and get a one-on-one discussion with another Peace Corps Parent. This made my mom feel a lot more comfortable having that ear to listen and truly understand her concerns.
(Natural Girls Rock)

3. Seeing Family 
The main purpose of this trip was to celebrate my great uncles 87th birthday. Along with this party I saw all of my family; those I rarely see, those that come to every family function, and even those that I don't know. In these cases I just smile, give them a hug and when they are out of ear shot I ask my mom "Am I suppose to know them?" In most cases, they only remember me from when I was a tiny baby. Either way, I love my family all the same and it was great seeing them and catching up.
(Brother and Sister <3)