5 Things to Consider When Dating a Girl that Travels

You just met this girl. She isn't flawless, she has freckles, hair in a messy bun or a big afro, multiple tan lines, and sun-kissed skin that has a certain glow about it. More than likely, she is a girl that likes to travel and all those flaws tells another adventurous story.


              Date a girl who travels                               Don't date a girl who travels

Both of these articles explain why you should or should not date a girl that travels. I must say, most of these characteristics mentioned are spot on. However,  both articles provide extreme examples exaggerating to prove their point. I'm not going to tell my readers whether they should date a "Travelista" or not but I will highlight the things to consider when dating a girl that travels.
She's hard to please
The good thing is that she is not materialistic, you don't need to impress her with your new car or flashy shoes. The usual dinner-movie date at the mall will not cut it for her unless, it is a unique drive-in movie theater or the restaurant has been on an episode of Man vs. Food. She craves for new experiences and adventures so make it memorable for her. Expensive gifts are not necessary.
She can't stay in one place for too long
Whenever she gets a email alert from her Expedia about a new getaway special, she's itching to plan a trip. She will bother you about saving your money for a 7-day cruise versus a 4-hour concert.
If she's not holding a steady job then she is looking for that next career move that will place her one step higher on the corporate ladder and will pay for her travel expenses. If she is holding a steady job chances are she is saving all her sick days for her once a year travel adventure or even holding more than one job to fund her trip. But she will always represent her hometown with pride because it was the first city she explored and it will be a new city for someone else.
She doesn't live a "normal" life
She has chosen a life of uncertainty. She has a plan but she is okay with knowing that things are subject to change. For her, "normal" is living out of her suitcase and moving from a hostel, to a hotel room, to a friends couch and not having a permanent address for months. She dances to the beat of her own drum so I hope you have rhythm. She doesn’t wear a watch. She wakes up when she is good and ready and she sleeps when there is nothing left to do. But she is always planning ahead. Her life does have purpose even if you can't see it.
She speaks her mind
She's open to talking to strangers. It is sort of necessary when you are in an unfamiliar country with an unfamiliar language. If she is looking for a restroom among the streets of Tokyo she will speak up and get her point across. She's respectful, but isn’t afraid to impress someone with her worldly knowledge of history, culture, and global issues. She states the facts whether you like them or not. 
She is independent
She knows how to pitch a tent, hail a cab, and maneuver three pieces of luggage through the buzzing Atlanta airport without any help. She can navigate the unknown with great sense of direction. She will meet many interesting, like-minded people from around the world who share her passion and dreams. She will forget to check in with you when she arrives at her destination. After many wrong turns, delayed flights, missed stops, and bad street meat. She is prepared for bumps in the road and anything life has to throw her way.
Final Thoughts 
Don't let the "I" word scare you. Just because she can be self-sufficient does not mean she won't need you because she will. The hard times won't seem that bad if she has you as her travel buddy. If she gets sick it's comforting to know someone will run and call for help. Travel with her. That means she will always have someone to listen to her stories, laugh at her mishaps, and provide security and support. Nobody wants to be lonely. Traveling will bond you.


Javonni McGlaurin