The Secret of the Boarding Pass

Here is a picture of a boarding pass.....

...and here are 6 things you probably did not know about your boarding pass
1. The Bar Code- In 2005, the International Air Transport Association mandated that all 240 airlines have to embed all boarding passes with bar codes instead of of magnetic strips. This revolutionary technique made it possible for us travelers to print our boarding passes at home. This also led into the most recent wave of using smartphones to promote paperless travel.
2. Flight time (NOT SHOWN)- Padding flight times was a practice that increased around 2010. This is done to account for unpredictable tarmac traffic. Since 2010, these times are forever changing.
3. TSA Pre-Check- This program is slowly growing. It allows select frequent flyers to participate in expedited screening process. This may include leaving shoes on, and leaving liquids and laptops in carry on items. Something to look into.
4. Flight Number- The most common to identify is the letters preceding the number. These are the initials for the airline operating the flight. Even numbered flights are headed either east or north while odd numbers are traveling south or westbound. 
5. In-Flight Wi-Fi (NOT SHOWN)- Internet is becoming more of a necessity for some. More than half of American's stated they cannot go more than 5 hours without internet. Almost all American Airlines have Wi-fi. It started free but the increasing demand for it has all but eliminated that accommodation. 
6. Seat Number- Only a small percentage of passengers represent more than half of the company's revenue. That means more perks the closer you are to the front of the plane.

Javonni McGlaurin