She Who Loves To Travel

This poem is a perfect description of ME!

She Who Loves to Travel

She wants to do it all,

see it all, and taste it all.

There are so many wonders

of the world, and by golly,

she wants an insiders look 
at each one!

She wants French bread
in France, 
chicken Kiev in Russia, 
tacos in Mexico,
and hot dogs at
Dodger Stadium.

But that's not all.
She wants to hike
among the redwoods,
ski the Swiss Alps,
watching the Changing of the Guard
at Buckingham Palace, 
and dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Her passport
is always current,
and the best time
of her life
is when she's packed
and ready to go.
Bon voyage!

-Suzy Toronto
Javonni McGlaurin